About Us

About Us

Sharjah Group Company is a Public Share Holding Co; established in 1976 with the aim of actively participating in investment in Real estate, Financial Instruments and Leasing of Rental Properties.

The company continues to successfully implement its strategic vision by evaluating the potential of new & emerging markets, investing in prestigious projects and diversifying its scope of operations, all the while maintaining superior quality, unyielding technical standards and excellence.

Investors Relations

Sharjah Group is keen to establish a clear line of communication with the Company's shareholders ensuring timely and accurate disclosure of information on the company's activities including the financial situation, performance, ownership and governance of the company. Investor Relations will serve as first point of contact to handle inquiries from shareholders and investors as well as others who are interested in the company's stock.

The interests, goals, and objectives of all stakeholders are important to the success of our company, both individually and collectively.

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Property Service Unit

Real Estate Division, through the Property Service Unit, provides leasing of a range of properties In Sharjah, UAE which includes apartments, warehouses, offices, shops & labor accommodations. Through our expert knowledge, guidance & support, we offer the most satisfactory and remarkable experience as a Property Management Service Provider.In terms of the management of these portfolios, the Company depends on professionalism using the best practice policy.

Our aim is to manage and maintain real properties and projects professionally and to provide outstanding level of services and products to our clients and society as the selected, preferred and trusted partner.

Contact Us

Sharjah Group Company

Al Khan Street, Sharjah,
UAE, P.O. Box 5440

Tel.No. +971 6 5565570
Fax.No. +971 6 5565572

Real Estate Division-Property Services Unit

Al Khan Street, Sharjah,
UAE, P.O. Box 5440

Tel.No. +971 6 5540114
Fax.No. +971 6 5540113

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